I find flaws, scars, and cracks beautiful because I believe the most beautiful things are never perfect.  – from the coffee table

A handmade amulet for health and happiness, made at the start of March, symbolizes the start of spring season, life, health, happiness, fertility… This tradition is widely spread across the Balkans, especially in Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, among others. Also, it’s the holiday of Grandma March. We sometimes call it Crazy Grandma March, referring […]

As I was going through my last year’s journal I couldn’t believe how things have changed in my life. Frankly, I was terrifyingly surprised by the lot of changes that have been happening in a year’s time. Anyway, I found this page, thought it was kind of cute, so I decided to post it. One of the Goals […]


December 1st, 2016 I just want to wish everyone a Very Merry December. Let’s make the most of it by considering our priorities for the next year, by honestly talking to ourselves instead of just readily self-criticizing, by learning new ways of self-love, by gaining new life experiences. I am completely aware of my lack […]